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Concurrent Follow ups

Chase to win

Accelerate your sales team’s productivity with accurate proficiency.

Sharp and clean Monitoring

Make more accurate monitoring of the activities. Allow you to watch every minor change in the dashboard.

Role management and establishments

Clatos allows you to set up an organization-wide hierarchy using Roles. The higher hierarchy can access the records of the lower hierarchy.

Strong Follow-ups

Clatos shows who discussed what with customers, so you can address them as one team.

Coherent Calls

Call there and then - Click to call
Never miss a call, cause it’s all in here
IVR call recordings - Interaction History

Coherent channels

Integration with major communication platforms
Whatsapp API
Email API
SMS gateway

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Clatos is unique from all other software in the market because it is innovative and its features are more signified.


User Friendly

Customers can use it very easily. It has easy adaptability and a good user experience.


Well Rated

Clatos is the most rated software on Google because of its accuracy of output & quality assurance.


Best Support

Our team provides excellent support for the smooth run of the software and will solver all your queires.

Maximize Your Customer Engagement

Too much workflow leads to mismanagement of your database and leaves a negative impact on your clients. Well, Clatos will help you out. It will organize your lead conversion track and maximize your customer requirements.

Client correspondence

We get in details to keep it all safe and saved.
Lead Addition that is convenient.
Quick Invoicing

Sales Automation

Sales Automation is a process that enables companies to standardize and automate the entire sales process, from prospecting to closing to relationship nurturing. It helps Sales Managers highlight team-wide insights that can guide the overall sales strategy, from establishing sales quotas to territory management to sales forecasting.

Automated Scheduling

The particular characteristics involve setting reminders and scheduling the time to send an email, message, or call to the customer.

Automated Reports

It helps the supervisor to improve the progress report of the statistics automated through the software.

Automated Lead Prioritization

It can rank every potential target audience and serves as an add-on to the list of tasks. Follow-up meetings and calls can be scheduled.

Automated Sales Funnel

Automated sales software allows you to send automated greeting and reminder messages to your customer after a specific time- interval.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, not only whatsapp but also with platforms like SMS, E-mail, Website.

It can be done through lead import feature, Where you will be able to import any CSV file.

No, its not required, Clatos has two options for calling communication, one is the Cloud Telephony and another is SIM Based calling. SIM based calling requires the agents to install our app, in order to get the recordings and call logs imported directly into Clatos.

Yes, Clatos provide you integration to various payment getaways like Paytm, Razorpay, and adding bank details as well.

Yes, You can backup your data from our backup utility.

No, As of now we provide you a unique workspace URL for example mybusiness.clatos.com


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