Our Story

There was a time when businesses fail to manage long-term relationships with their customers as well as tracking their daily work became difficult. This was the core reason to realize the need for “Clatos”.
The story of Clatos began in 2011 intending to develop a high-speed and top–secure Sale database software that would eventually become one of the market-leading solutions. On the launching day, we showcased the Clatos software to track All customer communications, products sold serviced customer complaints and remedies, product defects and enhancements, and customer feedback.

Highlights Of Clatos

Dashboard with interactive widgets

Automatically combine your contacts, social media connections, communications, inbox, and calendar appointments with his 100+ apps and her Clatos in one unified relationship manager.

Shows all the latest features and helps you plan your growth according to this report

Highlights Of Clatos

Standardize your contact details

Highlights Of Clatos

Join us at scale

Send personalized group email templates with tracking, analytics, and reports from your email.

Stay on top of your team’s tasks, events, calls, and more with a unified activity tracking dashboard. Convert

Highlights Of Clatos

Manage team tasks

Highlights Of Clatos

Subscribers into buyers

Build an audience from your CRM contacts, send amazingly designed marketing emails using built-in templates, and see who is interacting with your messages in real-time.

Log any lead or any contact-related activity like calls, meetings, notes, and more to always know where communication stands.

Highlights Of Clatos

Activity Management


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Perks of Using Clatos



Clatos have innovative features which make them more valuable and hold an exceptional place for entrepreneurs.


User Friendly

As it is easily accessible and holds numerous functionalities for the user.


Top Rated

Well, it is not our word. Google ratings also state the significant use of Clatos.


Experts Advice

We provide our expert advice to make better understanding of the software.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, not only whatsapp but also with platforms like SMS, E-mail, Website.

It can be done through lead import feature, Where you will be able to import any CSV file.

No, its not required, Clatos has two options for calling communication, one is the Cloud Telephony and another is SIM Based calling. SIM based calling requires the agents to install our app, in order to get the recordings and call logs imported directly into Clatos.

Yes, Clatos provide you integration to various payment getaways like Paytm, Razorpay, and adding bank details as well.

Yes, You can backup your data from our backup utility.

No, As of now we provide you a unique workspace URL for example mybusiness.clatos.com


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