India's most user-friendly CRM for calls

Exclusively designed to cater to the needs of Indian businesses engaged in sales through calls within the nation.

Why Your Business Should Embrace This Solution?

Exclusively designed to cater to the needs of Indian businesses engaged in sales through calls within the nation.


Amplify Lead Generation through IVR Solutions

With swift iteration, stay attuned to customer needs, fostering increased leads and unwavering loyalty.


Elevate Your Business's Brand Image

The intelligent IVR solution facilitates callers to connect with experts based on chosen options from the multi-level IVR menu.


Supercharge Agent Productivity

Agents prioritize prospecting and complex queries, while multi-level IVRs swiftly handle straightforward issues for rapid resolutions.


Deliver Tailored Experiences

Customize interactions with personalized greetings, including names, and anticipate needs using past interaction data.

How Does Remote IVR Number Function?

Forward incoming calls to our Virtual or IVR number
Configure multi level IVR like Press 1 for english and 2 for Hindi
Make Sequential, Parallel or Round Robin Based Call Distribution to Agents
Call Recording and logs 24 x 7
Sticky agents for end users to connect with same agent again
Live call transfer to connect to the right department
Call latching API for connecting with other Tools.
Integrated CRM and Ticketing system for sales and support team

Fast Calling

Eliminate confusion and time wastage caused by manual number input and dialing. Every moment counts and is a cost.

Autodialer enhances speed, precision, and efficiency.
Enable your callers to connect more, call more, and seal more deals.

Follow-up call reminders

Avoid lost deals due to missed follow-ups.

Ensure no follow-up goes unnoticed
Establish yourself as their primary option
Consistently follow up and foster trust by being punctual

Auto call recording

Without tracking, distinguishing genuine effort from pretense is impossible.

Automatically monitor and log every conversation
Retrieve recordings from any location
Deliver prompt feedback to team members

Frequently Asked Questions

CRM integration with IVR calling refers to the seamless connection between your customer relationship management (CRM) system and interactive voice response (IVR) technology. This integration enables you to enhance customer interactions by automating and optimizing call processes within your CRM environment.

Integrating CRM with IVR calling streamlines customer communication, automates call routing, and provides personalized experiences. It boosts efficiency, improves lead management, enhances customer satisfaction, and empowers your team to make data-driven decisions.

This integration offers features such as automated call routing, personalized welcome greetings, call recording and logging, data synchronization between CRM and IVR, real-time call analytics, and seamless access to customer information during calls.

Absolutely! With CRM integrated IVR calling, you can personalize interactions by using caller information stored in your CRM. You can greet callers by name, access their history, and tailor responses based on their previous interactions.

Yes, our integration process is designed for simplicity. Our experts handle the technical details, ensuring a smooth setup that aligns with your CRM and IVR requirements.

CRM integrated IVR calling ensures faster, more accurate responses, reducing customer wait times. Personalized interactions and efficient issue resolution contribute to higher customer satisfaction levels.

Getting started is easy. Contact our team to discuss your business needs and objectives. We'll guide you through the integration process, tailor solutions to your requirements, and help you unlock the benefits of CRM integrated IVR calling.


Embark on your adventure today and start reaching your goals